Hlomla catches wife cheating

Hlomla Dandala has been trending number one on Twitter this morning after he posted his family business on Instagram. He took to Instagram and said “When a man enters your house, gets intimate with your wife while your children are IN THE HOUSE knowing full well that you are the husband, and then publicized their pictures on social media for the world to see, What is meant to happen? Any thoughts, @chiskop?   Which was later deleted but we have screengrabs.

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Famous Women Bashers

Kenneth Nkosi

Kenneth is the latest celeb accused of bashing a woman at a bar in Newtown. Twitter user PULY (@Pulybeast) wrote a thread alleging: “What I saw on Friday at BlackAnt Lounge in Newtown just after 10pm 😳 Kenneth Nkosi is an abuser, he assaulted someone I know because she refused to give him attention. Men are not used to rejection. He then followed her into the ladies restrooms… & continued violating her.”

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