Marawa fired via WhatsApp

Sports TV and Radio presenter Robert Marawa was axed from Supersport a mere two hours before his Thursday show. Marawa broke the news on Twitter.

It has been reported that Marawa was made aware of this decision earlier this week by Supersport. “SuperSport is in the process of an exciting refresh of its local presenter line-up, which will be unveiled as part of our new football season campaign. This restructure includes us not pursuing our contractual relationship with Robert Marawa.” said Supersport spokesperson Clinton van der Berg.

But it seems the issue at hand is deeper than meets the eye judging from the response Marawa gave a curious fan.

Supersport has sent the sports presenter well wishes on his future endeavours.

Something tells us we haven’t heard the last of this story, and of course, the rife speculation was also fuelled by a Twitter thread penned by black Twitter’s gossip chief Advocate Barry Roux who alleges that the axing of Marawa comes after a long-running sexual harassment scandal at Supersport that Robert protested against. He continues to name a Director from the acclaimed sports channel, alleging several incidences where Marawa sided with and protected alleged victims until the above-mentioned text message ended his tenure at the broadcaster.

If Marawa’s response to the fan on Twitter, as well as this saucy thread is anything to go by, trust and believe things are about to get heated.

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