Celeb clap-backs

There are often people out there who feel the need to tell you your business when they don’t even know you; celebrities are no strangers to TROLLS who love to start quarrels with them all the time. However, some celebrities aren’t afraid to put the trolls in their place. Here are some of the most savage celebrity clap backs.

We can all agree that Bonang is one of the most targeted stars online, but she never lets her haters succeed in putting her down. Remember the tweep who trolled her for her dating past? Her wrath was unleashed.

A fave with the ladies (and some gents) Maps Maponyane seems too nice to clap-back, but clearly, the stud tucks his smile away when you come for his mom. This particular tweep was trying to enroll as a member of Spell-Check, but Maps’ travel stamps spoke for themselves. 

Clap-back queen Pearl Thusi always puts trolls in the naughty corner. The troll had the audacity to ask a whole PEARL THUSI who she was, of course, Mama Panther handled business real quick.

Internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee was accused of only ever talking about himself, instead of social or current affairs. The Coffee gracefully responded with receipts.

Our favourite clap-back came from AKA when one tweep questioned him about his silence around the death of American rapper Nipsey Hussle. The Supa-Mega megafied, as expected. The lesson here kids, for all of us is if you’re going to come for our celebs, come correct or don’t come at all.

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