Are they buying our votes through music?

Today fake news broke out on Twitter that Kelly Khumalo and AKA would be performing at the EFF rally on the 5th of May. EFF leader Julius Malema confirmed that this was “fake news”.

Remember back in 2014 when Ifani performed at DA’s rally on a Saturday, then on Sunday he was booked to perform at the ANC rally, but he didn’t actually perform because ANC canceled on him. That was really awkward for the artist… What if he didn’t support any party and just wanted to perform and secure the bag? AKA and Chomee have always been open about supporting the ANC, AKA even once tweeted “I am ANC through and through but I need understanding and reassurance of what we stand for and where we are headed…”. However, he also tweeted that it is important for everyone to cast their vote, no matter which party they vote for.

Kelly once performed at an EFF rally in KwaZulu-Natal, but it didn’t go too well because people chanted “Senzo” and she walked off stage. She said EFF is “all about war”…

The most mportant questions we should be asking are; Should artists openly support a specific party? Should they make money and perform for any party? and, do they have an influence on who the youth will vote for? share your thoughts below.

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