26 November 2018 Interview: Bongo Muffin

Bongo Maffin is a South African music group formed in Johannesburg in 1996. They released their first studio album, The Concerto, in 1998, followed by Bongolution (2001) and New Construction (2005). Lead singer Thandiswa Mazwai published her debut solo album, Zabalaza, in 2006.

It would be near blasphemous to deny the huge impact kwaito supergroup of the ’90s, Bongo Maffin has on the current status of music. Having released their last album together in 2005 New Construction with that huge banger Kura Uone (Grow up and you will see), Thandiswa Mazwai, Stoan, Jah Seed and Speedy came together to deliver a heavily afro-beat inspired bop, while not deviating from what we know and love them for.

Bongo Maffin managed to get all of its original members (yes, Speedy re-joined the group after having left prior to their previous album, in pursuit of his solo career under Arthur Mafokate’s record label, 999). We look forward to hearing the rest of the album after over a decade apart, but if the lead single Harare is anything to go by, we can certainly expect a whole new level of creative experimentation and evolution, with the usual touch of Africa of course.

The group is back together with a new single called “Harare” and they’re also working on a new album that is going to be dropping soon. Tune in tonight at 22:30 live on SABC 3 to hear more of their story. #TSAon3

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